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Studio A: Who we are

Cosmetic & Aesthetics Professionals

Studio A was founded in North Belfast by Duo Alanna Mervyn & Anne Toner. Both girls envisioned creating a Studio and, over time, a brand that would be trusted by 1000s of clients throughout the City of Belfast, and beyond. Anne & Alanna have worked tirelessly throughout the years to bring new additions and elements to the Studio A brand. Today, Studio A stands with 2 stores in Belfast, offering Cosmetic & Aesthetics treatments, as well as products for our clients to take home and love, just like we do. At Studio A, our passion is making our clients look and feel good. And now, we're excited to broaden our reach with our online store!

Quality, Always!

If it's not the best... It just WON'T Do!

Today, the Studio is much more than just a bricks and mortar studio. When we talk about Studio A, or "The Studio" we mean so much more. We're a community of like-minded girls and women trying to make it in the big bad world. We're all about supporting one another and understand just how beneficial looking and feeling good can do. So yes, in simple terms we're one big huge community, and we can't wait to welcome you in with open arms! And, what's more, at The Studio, we're all about "The Best". If it's not the best - best product, best service, best results... it's not Studio A.